Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Luel Carr Passed Away in Terrell, Texas


Posted: Wednesday, October 30, 2013; 1:15 pm
Funeral Home: C. A. DuBose
Mrs. Carr, one of 14 children, was born March 12, 1921 and departed this life, October 27, 2013. Public viewing is from 2:00 to 6:00 Friday, Nov. 1, 2013 at the C. A. DuBose Memorial Chapel. Funeral services are 1:00 Saturday at Union Valley Baptist Church. Interment will follow in the New Oakwood Cemetery. All services are entrusted to the DuBose Funeral Home.
     Source: http://www.terrelltribune.com/obituaries/article_486999a4-418f-11e3-8126-001a4bcf887a.html

In 2007, my mother and I traveled to Terrell, Texas to meet with an older cousin and other Pipkins relatives. This cousin and I had spoken over the phone for quite sometime as she told me stories and gave me information concerning her grandparents Owens Pipkins, Sr & Littie Rolley Pipkins. At that time she informed me that her Aunt Luel was still living [she was the last living 1st cousin of my great-grandfather Marcellus Pipkins, Sr] and resided in Terrell in a nursing home. Cousin Luel was one of the younger children of Owens and his wife so she did not have the opportunity to meet or know any of her grandparents who were former slaves [John & Mary Pipkins and Beth & Lugendy Rolley]. In early November of this year while doing a google search I came across the obituary of cousin Luel and learned she passed away in October. Though I've visited Terrell, Texas several times over the past few years I never had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Carr.

Cousin Luel Pipkins Carr - From the Photo collection of Marian Davis

Information from my research
Owens Pipkins, Sr---Spouses: (1st) Adaline Adams and (2nd) Littie Rolley, daughter of Beth & Lugendy Rolley]
  1. John A. “Johnny” Pipkins (Spouse: Bunnie V. Wynn, daughter of Willie Wynn & Alice “Allie” Golden)
  2. David Pipkins (Spouse: Effie Mae Johnson, daughter of George Johnson and Rosetta Bell)
  3. Clotie Pipkins Adams
  4. Dailey Pipkins (Spouse: Ruby)
  5. Mittie Pipkins Williams (Spouse: Emmitt Williams)
  6. Lenzy Pipkins, Sr. (Spouse: Geneva Sheppard, daughter of Grant Sheppard & Dona Hardy)
  7. Annie Lee Pipkins (Spouse: Tom Davis, son of Levi Davis & Harriet Akins)
  8. Lorraine Pipkins
  9. Cliffer Pipkins (Spouse: Rhoda)
  10. Owens Pipkins, Jr.
  11. Lillie Lee Pipkins Anderson (Spouse: Calvin Anderson)
  12. Luel Pipkins Carr
  13. Litha Ann Pipkins Britton (Mother: Hannah Perkins, daughter of Hiram Perkins & Julia Ann Lynch; Spouse: Zebedee Britton, son of Samuel Britton & Susan Jackson)
  14. Dennis Pipkins (Mother: Hannah Perkins, daughter of Hiram Perkins & Julia Ann Lynch; Spouse: Minnie Lee Davis, daughter Sam Davis & Julie Ann King)

Terrence A. Garnett


  1. WoW! Now that was some info! Good you got to go and do a little interviewing. Terrell Texas reminds me of Jamie Foxx!

    1. Thanks True! It's funny you should mention Jamie Foxx as one of Luel's nephews (son of Annie Lee Pipkins) married an Aunt of Jamie's.

  2. Great post! Google can sometimes be so handy for finding obituaries. I like how you've listed your information from your research. Great idea! :)

    1. Thank you Denise, that's very true about using Google.

  3. Hey I know where Terrell, Texas is -- LOL!! I lived in Carrollton, a Northern Suburb of Dallas for almost 17 years before returning back to Houston in December of 2006.

    I'm sorry that you never got a chance to meet Luel Carr before she passed. I can only imagine the wonderful stories that was in store for you should you have had that face-to-face meeting. But it is very good that you were able to glean so much valuable information for your family research about her and others related to her from the Internet. Excellent feature!

    1. Thank you Liv! Most of my grandfather's relatives seem to have settled in the Dallas area after leaving Panola County.

  4. Really enjoyed your post, Terrence. As always, you give great detail and really are a wonderful role model for doing meticulous research. Love that you gave a shout out to Luel Carr even though you weren't able to meet her. BTW, I have a question for you Texans: is Terrell Texas pronounced Tarrell (rymes with Farrell as in Will Farrell), or Te Rell (like Tammie Terrell)? This is a debate my brother and I have had for years, though I have to admit he's been there and I haven't.