Saving a Blog Post as a PDF

If there's a post on my blog that you enjoy you are welcome to save it as a PDF.

Click on a particular post and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Green button that says "Print Friendly".

A Screen will then pop up asking you to either "Print" or save the post as a "PDF". After you click on PDF just hit the download button and the file will be saved to your computer.

  • You can also visit to get a button for your website or blog
  • Google Chrome Users can also save any page as a PDF just click Print & save as PDF.


  1. Such wonderful tools. thank you .

  2. Thanks TA this will be helpful for me to reach out to the Elders who don't have a Computer but want to read and don't have to wait on their kids. I can send it to them! I appreciate this!

  3. Thanks for the helpful tip, Terrence.

  4. Thanks for the tips!
    Stephani Juleeana Miller

  5. what a wonderful idea! I'll check it out, not sure if I can use it on Wordpress, but I would love to have it on my blog.

  6. Thanks for the pdf tip. I enjoyed viewing your blog and your detailed research.