Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 2013: Tharner James Pipkins {WWII}

My grandfather, Tharner James Pipkins {1924-2001} at the age of nineteen (19) enlisted in the Navy where he served from June 12, 1943 to February 17, 1946. After leaving the Navy he joined the U.S. Air Force where he served from April 4, 1946 to December 9, 1946 receiving an honorable discharge. According to some family members my grandfather joined the Navy because he did not get along with his step-mother Lois. In my 2010 interview with my grandfather's sister Mary Lee she mentioned the following:

"Mama [Lois] took care of James after he came home from the war; he was shaken up by what he had seen. He would have nightmares about it."
Growing up I was told that my grandfather was in the army, but I never really heard him speak much about it. Sadly, I have no military pictures of my grandfather {The oldest photo I have of my grandfather is of him at Church in the early 1950's}. My grandfather was laid to rest at Houston National Cemetery.
Tharner Pipkins
                                                            Gender: Male
                                                            Birth Date: 26 Apr 1924
                                                            Death Date: 1 Apr 2001
                                                            Cause of Death: Natural
                                                            SSN: -------------
                                                            Branch 1: NAVY
                                                            Enlistment Date 1: 12 Jun 1943
                                                            Release Date 1: 17 Feb 1946
                                                            Branch 2: ARMY
                                                            Enlistment Date 2: 4 Apr 1946
                                                            Release Date 2: 9 Dec 1946


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